Elan Valley Abandoned Buildings

There are many old ruins of structures and buildings in the Elan Valley. This page will add photos and details of these ruins, more will be added as and when I visit them.

Baich Y Wern Sheepfold

Baich Y Wern Sheepfold. Has a concrete structure and remains of a old Cambridge 55 car just outside the sheepfold, in the Claerwen Valley.
Map Ref SN87460 62480

Blaen Coel Farm

Remains Blaen Coel Farm in 2003.
Map Ref SN89050 64030

Blaen Methyn

Remains of Blaen Methyn associated with Blaen Methyn.
Map Ref SN8891 6597

Blaen Mwyro Sheep Fold

Remains of Blaen Mwyro Sheep Fold near Llyn Gynon
Map Ref SN79355 64147

Blaen Y Cwm Long Hut

Remains of Blaen Y Cwm Long Hut. Short distance off the old Aber Mountain Road
Map Ref SN85536 75624

Bryn Glas

Remains of Bryn Glas Long Hut and Bryn Glas Shelter off the old Aber Mountain Road.
Map Ref SN85347 74861


Bryniago, Claerwen Valley Former home of John and Elizabth Price. The house was abandoned when there was plans to buid Cil-Oerwynt Dam downstream of the building. The dam was never built, Claerwen Dam was built further upstream instead.
Map Ref SN8814 6279

Cerig Llwydion

Cerig Llwydion Longhouse and Long Huts in the Claerwen Valley.
Map Ref SN87900 62360

Cerrig Cwplau Sheep Fold and Long Huts

Cerrig Cwplau Sheep Fold and Long Huts in the Claerwen Valley.
Map Ref SN

Clettwr Troedrhiwdrain

Remains of Clettwr Troedrhiwdrain Farmstead, 13m x 5m of mudstone & quartz construction.
Map Ref SN86960 68901

Craig Llanerch Cawr Barn

Craig Llanerch Cawr barn on the hill above Llanerch Cawr. 8m x 6m.
Map Ref SN89820 61260

Cringyn Cottage

Remains of Cringyn Cottage near Tynllidiart.
Map Ref SN90660 65790

Cwm Clyd

Cwm Clyd Farm. The stone building is the original house with a outside toilet. The black building I believe was erected for the workers during the construction of the dams.
Map Ref SN891 622

Cwm Clyd Hafod

The remains of a possible water storage pit or a swimming pool. If it was used for storing water, it may have been for the mill that was at Cwm Elan stables. There is a water leat that runs from Nant Methan near Cwm Elan Mine, the leat runs through a stone culvert and runs for a distance to the pit. There are some lead pipes in situ at the site.
Map Ref SN90981 64744

Cwm Elan water storage and leat

Old ruin of what may have been a Hafod above Cwm Clyd, Claerwen Valley. Long banks run nears the old ruin. In the distance are Peat cuttings and a old turf track for carting the peat down from the hill to Cwm Clyd.
Map Ref SN89326 62677

Cwm Nant Y Fald Enclosure

Remains of Cwm Nant Y Fald Enclosure, just above Esgair Y Ty House, 11m x 4m.
89757 725283

Dol-y-Mynach House, Barn and Railway Building

Dol-y-Mynach House, Barn and Railway Building.
Map Ref SN

Domen Milwyn Sheepfold

Remains of a sheep fold or shelter near Domen Milwyn
Map Ref SN81254 72260

Esgair Beddau House

Remains of Esgair Beddau House, not far from Lluest Aber Caethon
Map Ref SN86410 68640

Esgair Ganol.

Esgair Ganol is up the Rhiwnant Valley. Remains of a Medieval Platform, Shelter and a Bronze Age Cairn with Drygarn Fawr in the distance.
Map Ref SN8763 6027

Esgair Gris Longhouse

Listed as Esgair Gris Long House but may be a disturbed cairn. a few upright stones. Not far from Craig Goch Dam
Map Ref SN8870 668470

Esgair Gwar Y Cae / Nant Rhyd Goch Settlement

Esgair Gwar Y Cae / Nant Rhyd Goch Settlement. A medieval or early post-medieval upland settlement complex
Map Ref SN9178 6156

Esgair Gyncog Round Hut and Longhouse

Remains of Esgair Gyncog Round Hut and Longhouse.
Map Ref SN84678 62886

Esgair Y TY

Esgair y Ty pillow mounds and house on Esgair y Ty.
Map Ref SN8976 7213

Fuches Sheep Fold

Remains of Fuches Sheep Fold.
Map Ref SN86080 68480

Garreg Felen long Houses and Hut

Remains of Garreg Felen Long Houses and Hut.
Map Ref SN86490 63040

Garreg Naw Llyn Long Hut

Remains of Garreg Naw Llyn Long Hut
Map Ref SN79775 70307

Hafod Allt Coch Barn

Remains of Hafod Allt Coch Barn
Map Ref SN9081 6774

Llanerchi Farm

Ruins of Llanerchi Barn, 20m x 8m. In woodland above Nantgwyllt Church
Map Ref SN90721 63561

Llanerch Llwyn

Remains of Llanerch Llwyn, a deserted farmstead above Pen Y Garreg Reservoir.
Map Ref SN895 680

Llanerch Ty Newydd House

Remains of Llanerch Ty Newydd House near Tynllidiart.
Map Ref SN90910 65500

Lluest Aber Caethon

Lluest Aber Caethon is a short distance from Craig Goch Dam. It's a 19th Century farm house with farm buildings, One of the chimneys is leaning and looks like it could topple over.
Map Ref SN87500 68820

LLuest Calettwr House

Ruins of LLuest Calettwr House. Remains of a mid-late 18th century mudstone/quartz house, a short distance from Lluest Aber Caethon
Map Ref SN87060 68980

LLuest Pen Rhiw

Remains of Lluest Pen Rhiw. It was a Medieval Long hut. A summer-house or dairy (Lluest) associated with Nannerth-ganol first documented in the second half of the C16th and rebuilt as a shepherd's cottage in the C19th.
Map Ref SN93100 71480

LLuest Wen

Remains Lluest Wen just off the old Aber mountain road, listed as Lluest Tre Hesglog, Cwmdauddwr, Rhayader. Ruined structure approx 7m x 5m.
Map Ref SN9293 6969

Lluest Y Gadair

Remains Lluest y Gadair a former post medieval house in the Claerwen Valley.
Map Ref SN86877 66297

Llwyd Nant Long Hut

Llwydnant Long Hut, a Post Medieval Long Hut in the Claerwen Valley.
Map Ref SN87735 62283

Llwyn Dale

Llwyn Dale, a Post-Medieval house a short distance from Rhiwnant Farm.
Map Ref SN89042 60975

Llywd Nant Enclosure

Llywd Nant Enclosure above Nantgwyllt Church.
Map Ref SN8956 6359

Moelfryn Barn And Hafod

Ruins of Moelfryn Barn and Hafod
Map Ref SN91200 61680

Nant Gris Sheepfold

Ruins of Nant Gris Sheepfold, 8m square, not far from Craig Goch Dam
Map Ref SN88100 67940

Nant Hesgog Sheepfold

Ruins of Nant Hesgog Sheepfold, 6m x 3m.
Map Ref SN91176 69147

Nant Y Car Farm

Nant Y Car Farm up the Claerwen Valley.
Map Ref SN885 622

Nant Y Wern

Nant y Wern Medieval Long huts.
Map Ref SN87442 62483

Pant Tawel

Possible quarry and railway cutting near Pant Tawel.
Map Ref SN91532 62311

Pant y Beddau

Ruins of Pant y Beddau.
Map Ref SN83773 64955

Pant Y Cerdin

Pant Y Cerdin known locally as Penebw, a Post Medieval house on Y Glog.
Map Ref SN9166 6628

Pant Y Llyn House

Remains of Pant Y Llyn House. Connected to Crugyn Ci Quarry.
Map Ref SN93571 68885

Pen Cae Haidd

Remains of Pen Cae Haidd House.
Map Ref SN9080 6242

Pen Cae Mynydd

Remains of Pen Cae Haidd House.
Map Ref SN89662 64245

Rhiwnant Sheepfold

Rhiwnant Sheepfold, Map Ref SN8767 6010 and Rhiwnant Hafod.
Map Ref SN8763 6005

Trawsnant Sheepfold

Trawsnant Sheepfold.
Map Ref SN90222 73263

Ty'n Y Ffald

Remains of Ty'n Y Ffald near Tynllidiart.
Map Ref SN90700 65680

Tyrpeg y Mynydd

Tyrpeg y Mynydd (the Mountain Turnpike) which was on the Old Aber Mountain road.
Map Ref SN8706 7408

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