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There are many old ruins of structures and buildings that are now submerged under The Elan Valley Resevoirs. This page will add photos and details of these ruins, more will be added as and when I visit them.

Cwm Elan House

The estate of Cwm Elan, containing the Elan Valley mansion, was purchased in 1792 by Thomas Grove. It was described then as "10,000 worthless acres, which he is now converting into a paradise." Shelley’s the poet, who came to stay at Cwm Elan on two occasions, was to become very attached to the rugged grandeur of the local landscape. Shelley tried unsuccessfully to secure the lease of Nantgwyllt house, the large mansion in the nearby valley of the River Claerwen, only about one and a half miles from Cwm Elan. When water was very close to the house, it was knocked down before the reservoir filled. Cwm Elan House is located under Garreg Ddu Resevoir.
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Pottery found at Cwm Elan

One of the outbuildings

Cwm Elan House Stables

Ty Nant House

Remains of Ty Nant House under Pen y Garreg Reservoir.
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Nantgwyllt Garden Walls

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Remains of Nant Gwyllt garden walls in 1936
Photo credit Ann Lloyd, Rhayader

Lluest Tor-Clawdd House

Small hill farm now submerged by Craig Goch Reservoir
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Dol-Faenog House

Ruins of Dol-Faenog House, under Pen y Garreg Reservoir.
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Cwm Coel House

Site of Cwm Coel House, not much to see. Normally under Garreg Ddu. It was a farm house with a tall chimney.
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Cwm Coel House, the house in the background is Cwm Coel House. Photo courtesy to Syd Meredith, Newbridge On Wye.

Site where Cwm Coel House once stood, not much to see now. Cwm Coel was a farmhouse with a tall chimney.

Before Caban Coch and Garreg Ddu Dams were built

Old construction shed

Old construction shed near Craig Goch Dam, the old railway lines are still visible.
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Old railway line

Site of the the old railway line near Craig Goch Dam.
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Old foot bridge

Old footbridge under Craig Goch Reservoir, it's not far from the Hirnant and is called Pontbren Lloc-ddu, locally known as Pwll Coon. Photo courtesy of Hugh Davies.
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